artist and real human being™


Ketch Wehr makes art.   And destroys coconut curry bowls. 

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Ketch Wehr is an illustrative painter with a love of storytelling and a flair for the feral.   Between working on freelance graphic design and gobbling up all the comics, he's working on making his first graphic novel this year.

Ketch studied fine art at Smith College, worked as an artist and designer in Philadelphia and New York before moving to Rome in 2016 with his partner.

His clients for illustration and design include:  BBDO, GE, Barkbox, Quartz, Fendi, Vice Magazine, Diesel: Reboot, Bazaarvoice, Dell, American Express, Flamingo Rampant Publishing, Planned Parenthood, Lil Bub, Natural Lands Trust, Muse Magazine, and Carus Publishing.